EQ – How’d you get started?

Thanks to my sister-in-law, Tracey, for asking another question.  She wanted to know, how did I learn about EQ?  Did I read a book or articles or what?

Well, I can honestly say that I have learned about EQ over time.  In the beginning, I knew could feel somethings but didn’t have a name for them.  I read articles and snippets in books, but EQ still wasn’t real.  Then more time passed and I could touch parts of EQ.  I could sense when interactions with some people didn’t go the way I wanted them to, but I didn’t have all the tools necessary (and still don’t as it takes a life time for most of us!!) to really put all the pieces into play.  The biggest help for me, was talking with other people and discussing situations. When you talk about things, it brings some of the non-verbal realities to life and allows you to examine them in a more fruitful manner and then take action when necessary.

For me, my executive coach who is a lovely person, really helped to translate EQ.  She crystallized the concepts into words and helped me develop a lexicon for emotions and EQ.  For me, it really helped to get the language down so I could begin to express it to others.  Some of you reading this will already have the words and you will be further along on your journey.  I encourage you to share with others.  For those of use who don’t have them, we need your help.

So, my advice to you – talk with other people.  Find people who you can test out your thinking and your actions to see how things work.  You may need to tune up your reception skills and it helps if you have a friend who will let you experiment without getting his/her feelings hurt!

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