In the Ebb of my Flow

It’s fascinating to watch myself as Myself.  To see the ways in which awakening and remembering are always just beneath the surface of everything.  Slowing, breathing and opening are the entrée into the knowing that is.  I’ve been in the ebb for a bit now.  Sometimes, my mind is chugging away, swirling in loops of its own majestic making and fear runs rampant blowing off colorful streamers and adding in its own mayhem.  And, after a while, I slow, breathe, and open and find that the calm of the knowing is patiently waiting…waiting for a time when all the hoopla is no longer so very fascinating, waiting for the time when things settle and for the only thing that truly matters to come front and center – the NOW. 

To realize that the ebb is very much a part of the flow is a gift.  To realize it’s in the Being no matter what appears to be happening.  To be judgeless for there is no good or bad of things.  Alchemical growth may be easier in the ebb of the flow; the body preparing and releasing long held emotion that the cells have dutifully kept, just in case….

I’m finding the beauty in the ebb and knowing it won’t be long before the flow comes, gently at first, then roaring away from this place of ebb. Of course…until it’s time to ebb again!

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